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Personalized jewelry our passion

Welcome to the webshop of new personalized 3D jewelery line SOULZ- My Personal Jewel of Jeweler Vanhoutteghem. Managers, Pascale Vanhoutteghem & Koen Van Damme,  have, from their passion for jewels, started their own jewelry line, which is unique and personal for the customer ! 
In our shop you can create and order your own individual ring, pendant or earring ! Do you have an own design , drawing, symbol,.... you want to be made in a jewel feel free to contact us.
Thanks to our in-house 3D technology , almost anything is possible and at an affordable price !

Who are we
In 1999 Pascale Vanhoutteghem took the jewelry store over from her parents. Together with her husband Koen Van Damme they worked hard on the evolution of the store and in 2013 therefore moved to a completely new building because the previous location was too small and not up to date. 
From our passion for jewels we also wanted tot be up to date with the new technology possibilities in our business. Thanks to this new 3D technology it possible to create more sophisticated an complex jewels customized according to the customer's wishes !

A number of years ago, Koen Van Damme focused on training abroad to learn the potentials of 3D technology in the jewelry business. After several years of training abroad and creating designs for our existing customers the idea grew to start his own jewelry line that can only be made using 3D technology and which is unique for each customer ! SOULZ - my personal jewel was born! 
My SOULZ  is unique because you are unique !
My SOULZ  helps you to master your mind, to achieve your goals !
SOULZ jewels are discreet, only for you not to forget !
Pascale & Koen 
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