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Soulz rings : personalized and custom-made rings

Create with Soulz your unique and personal ring with names, symbols or words that are important to you. 
All Soulz rings are made in our own goldsmith workshop by Jeweler Vanhoutteghem at Zwevegem (Belgium) and provided with the official silver or gold stamp. All Soulz rings are in solid silver or gold ! Prices of golden Soulz rings are priced according to the weight of the gold needed to make the ring. This is why you can be sure only to pay the correct price: the sharpest price directly from manufacturer to comsumer. 

Since every ring is unique - your words - characters or shape - you must take into account a delivery period of 3 weeks. 
Our  personalized rings lend themselves perfectly as individualised wedding rings both for men and women !
If you don't know your ring size, you can visit our page Ringsize or mail to, we will help you further.  You surely can by your Soulz ring with peace of heart !

If you have a design of your own you desire in a ring, please contact us.

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