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Welcome on the SOULZ shop

SOULZ - My Personal Jewel

Your Personalized and unique jewel with Soulz

Our personalized jewels are in silver 925 or gold and are finished according to our goldsmith standards in our own workshop. Zirconia or diamonds are manually and professionally put. 
Surf through our website and choose your own style. Then decide which words or symbols you want to insert in your jewel.
Unique, personalised jewels for yourself, your loved one or someone precious !
For questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 
Pascale and Koen

Ladies ring - Bestsellers

Initial band zirconia

€ 295,00 p/piece

Name in a wire GOLD

Name ring

€ 199,00 p/piece

Soulz Ring Vero 12

€ 330,00 p/piece

Men's ring - bestsellers

Big capital ring

€ 249,00 p/unit

Flat Shank

€ 249,00 p/unit

Initial ring

€ 249,00 p/piece

Upscript ring outline

€ 249,00 p/unit

Real People

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