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Ordering method Soulz jewels

Order your Soulz jewelry with peace of mind

We strive to deliver a Soulz jewel that you find beautiful and fits perfectly. To execute the order correctly right away you can count on 3 steps after placing your order:

1. You will receive a render of your own Soulz jewel by e-mail. After evalutation or approval of the render, we proceed to production.
2. Not sure about the ring size you specified when ordering? You can request a fitting ring from us. We send it by mail for free.
3. You have received your Soulz ring but the size is not correct. We adjust the ring for free. (return costs are at your expence)

The structure of our webshop does not allow us to work with advances (30%) as usual in our store. However , if you still prefer to work with an advance payment, you are able to do so with gold jewelry, not with silver jewelry. You can then send the order for your golden Soulz jewel directly to us: You pay the remaining 70% just before shipping your Soulz jewel.

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