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  • Measure your ring size at the end of the day, then your fingers are at its widest.
  • Do not measure your ring size if your hands are cold, your fingers are then the narrowest.
  • Do you choose a broad ring (> = 4 mm) then add one measure

If you are not sure what ring size your friend has, you can measure the inner diameter in the middle of a well-fitting ring. (See example). Preferably use a ring that is as wide as the ones you want to order. Otherwise, you bite one size up for a wider ring and one size less if the ring you choose is smaller.
Make sure that the ring is not deformed which you measure. He must still be round ! The ring size Bergeon is the inner diameter multiplied by pi (3.14)


Diameter (mm) ring size Bergeon
15,3 48
15,6 49
15,9 50
16,2 51
16,6 52
16,9 53
17,2 54
17,5 55
17,8 56
18,2 57
18,5 58
18,8 59
19,1 60
19,4 61
19,7 62
20,1 63
20,4 64
20,7 65
21,0 66
21,3 67
21,7 68
22,0 69
22,3 70
When measuring the millimeters, you do not come on a standard measure in the table, take next (larger) size.
Would you like a wider ring than the one you measured take one size bigger ! (when smaller -1)
  1. Take a strip of thin paper (similar to the width of the ring you want, but not wider than 2.5cm) to rotate around the finger - tighten the band around the finger so that he fits in well at the base of the ring but still wide enough is to glide over the knuckle of the finger. Place a strip line on the value, the strip overlaps with the beginning. You can now easily with a ruler to measure the circumference of the ring. The inner circumference of the ring or the length you read on your strip is the Bergeon size !
  2. Ask HERE for our multisizer suit ring. we will send him to you for free (only Benelux). The multisizer ring works like a belt. Turn it around and insert the end through the buckle to form a ring model. Slide the ring on the finger. Adjust until it sits comfortably and make sure it moves without difficulty over the joints of the finger. Now you only need to read the ring size.
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